Recipes for Chinese Food – Fried Rice at Home

Learn Some of the Best Chinese Food Recipes NowOver the last few decades,Guest Posting Chinese food has become a staple in the diet of many Americans.  It is thought that more than a quarter of the world’s population eats Chinese food every single day!  A Chinese restaurant or Chinese takeout place can be seen on most main streets in the United States.  The great news is that you do not have to go to a restaurant anymore to feed your cravings.  The goal of this website is to offer you the best recipes for Chinese food that you can enjoy anytime from your own home absolutely free.  We wish to share our favorite Chinese food recipes with you so that you can experience the benefits of these delicious delicacies whenever your heart desires.All of the recipes on our website are easy to follow and include ingredients that can be cheaply purchased from any grocery store and stored safely at home.

Chinese food goes far beyond the tremendous tastes and flavors that you have tried at your local restaurant though!  We are going to offer Chinese food recipes from the following cultures:  American, Canadian, Japanese, Korean, and of course Chinese!  You are in for a great experience as each of these recipes will give you a whole new level of appreciation for the variety of different flavors that Chinese food offers.  We will also offer some healthy Chinese food recipes that taste just as great.Some of the common ingredients that you will be cooking with include white or brown rice, soy sauce, oil, Chinese red wine, garlic, mushrooms, onions, and bean sprouts.  More personal ingredients include chicken, pork, egg, and corn.

However, some of the recipes that we offer will sometimes require additional ingredients.  We will make sure not to include any type of product that is too difficult to find.  These ingredients will come together to build recipes for some of your favorite Chinese food dishes.   A few of these dishes include chicken with broccoli, egg rolls, chow Mein, orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and our personal favorite, General Tso’s chicken.Please keep a few things in mind when reading our recipes for Chinese food.  Remember to use every single ingredient at the listed amount.   We have gone through countless tests in order to find the right ratios to make the Chinese food reach its full flavor.  While you are welcome to try to add your own style to each recipe, it is not recommended until you have mastered the art of the original recipe.  As with cooking anything, preparation is crucial to the process going smoothly.

We find that it works best to have all of the ingredients for the dish measured and chopped in an orderly fashion.  These recipes often contain very small ingredients which can be overlooked if not properly prepared prior to cooking.As mentioned before, we are going to offer Chinese food recipes from different cultures.  This means that we will offer multiple unique recipes for orange chicken since they are all from different cultures!  We love trying different variations of our favorite dishes and believe you will as well.  We are going to have a featured recipe that is updated monthly.  We will also break up the recipes by culture and offer a healthy Chinese food recipes section.  We wish you the best of luck in finding the appropriate recipes for Chinese food for your taste buds!

Preparing fried rice is not an extremely difficult task. The whole process including preparation and cooking takes about twenty minutes to a half hour. Depending on your personal preferences, you may wish to add or subtract some of the ingredients listed which will affect the total time. This should give you a better understanding on how to make fried rice at home.IngredientsThe first and most important necessary ingredient is rice of course! We recommend 3-4 cups of refrigerated long grain white rice.

The next ingredient is soy sauce. 1.5 to 2 teaspoons is a number that we find works well. Oyster sauce can also be used if that is your personal preference.4 tablespoons of vegetable oil1-2 onions based on personal preference½ to 1 teaspoon pepper½ to 1 teaspoon of saltOptional ingredients include:1-2 eggsShredded carrotsPeasSuppliesFrying pan or wokLarge spoonBowlPreparing the IngredientsMake sure all of the ingredients are readily accessible. This includes making sure that the rice is precooked, chopping up the onions, beating the eggs and basically making sure that you will not have to search for anything in the middle of the cooking process. This will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. When everything is ready, it is time to begin the cooking process.Cooking the Fried RiceThe first step is to put the wok or frying pan on the burner and turn the heat to medium high.

Allow it to heat a little and add half of the vegetable oil amount that you will be using. When the bottom is coated reduce the heat to medium and add the eggs. Cook until finished and then remove them from the pan. Clean out the residue in the pan and add the rest of the vegetable oil. Add all of the rice. Using the large spoon, stir occasionally for a few minutes. The next step is to add in the oyster or soy sauce. After a minute or so, add in the rest of the ingredients. This includes the finished scrambled eggs. Stir a few more times and allow the ingredients to form a nice mixture.

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