How You can Upgrade your Outdated Living Room in Less Budget

A multi-purpose space in our home is a living room. We use it for different purposes like entertaining our guests and watching movies with the family. If you are among those people who like to change seating and décor often,Guest Posting you know how much it cost. Usually, it is very expensive to redecorate your living room. But it isn’t necessary to spend a lot on switching up your living room decor.

You can update your outdated living room with DIY projects that will transform your living room without breaking your bank. There are a number of ideas like painting the living room, installing bookshelf, installing MF ceiling grid, and so on.

Here we have some ideas to update your living room at less than $100:

Move the Living Room Furniture

The first and simplest method that is also totally free is to rearrange the furniture. Rearranging furniture will give your living room a completely new look. And you can also satisfy your instinct to bring some change without spending a penny. You can also move and rearrange other accessories instead of furniture like indoor plants or bookshelf displays.

Clean and Paint the Window Trim

Another way to upgrade your living room on less budget is to paint the interior window trim. Usually, the existing trim looks discolored and scratched over time. Painting the interior window trim cost very less but gives your living room a fresh look. For a new coat instead of white, try an accent color, depending on your living room’s decor. While estimating the budget, do add the cost of painter’s tape, sandpaper, and primer too.

Swap out Throw Pillows

New throw pillows in your living room can also be used to update your outdated living room decor. Another inexpensive way to satisfy your need for something new in your living room. Throw pillows will give your living room a trendy look. You can use contrasting mix and match patterns and single color pillows with solid color furniture.

You can create a cozy arrangement on a sofa using pillows of different sizes. Moreover, you can also have some large pillows for kids.

Creating a Statement Wall

If you are planning to paint your whole living room it will cost more than $100. Usually, it cost around $350 to $ 750 to hire painters. Besides this, you also have to pay for the paint and other accessories that you will need for painting. If you do it by yourself, still it cost $200 to $300 on average. So, a budget-friendly solution to your problem is to create a statement wall instead of painting the whole room.

You can use update your living with textured wall covering or wallpaper applied to your statement wall. Moreover, your statement wall can be colored to complement the other walls of the living room. Painting a statement wall with a bold pattern or writing saying and quotes can be a good idea.

Bring New Lampshades

Instead of going with the discolored lampshades that came with it, buy some new shades. You can purchase budget-friendly lampshades to update your living room. You can try different and new colors, patterned shades, and even different shapes. You can also DIY your old lampshades or even you can create new ones. It’s all about your creativity.

Use Stylish Storage Containers

When everything is arranged and in its place, the space feels more spacious. So, we can say decluttering makes a great difference. You can use different classy containers to hold things like kid’s toys, extra blankets, magazines, etc.

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